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I am a researcher, maker and artist currently pursuing a PhD at Georgia Tech. Throughout my academic research and industry internships I've integrated mixed methods research with hands-on programming and making. My doctoral research merges ethnography, participatory design and creative engagements of computing technologies to understand and reimagine algorithmic ecosystems in secondhand economies. My parallel research interest is the creation of tangible computing artifacts for creativity in education. Below are a few projects that showcase these aspects of my practice.


Dissertation Research

A Study Of Platform Labor In US-based 
Online Secondhand Markets
. Ethnographic, creative and design methods used.

AR, Installation

How can we leverage augmented reality to educate children and adults about the complexity of earthly ecosystems? This collaborative project explores this question trough educational experiences and art.

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Qualitative Research

Foundational UX research project to segment internal customers and enhance the usability of internal tools within Meta's integrity unit.

Project Management, CX\UXR

Project to evaluate and design automated multichannel reporting tools for the company's marketing communications funnel.

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Tangible Computing 

Interactive system to increase interest in computing for families and children in K12. I carried out generative research, co-designed the system and UIs, lead the initial development, and conducted deployment evaluation.

Data Analysis, Visualization

Narrative and data visualization project to support discussions about sex differences oftentimes ignored in autism research which have historically excluded girls with autism.

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