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I am a fourth year PhD candidate in Digital Media at Georgia Tech. I have worked in projects with in the Experimental Civics Lab and the Expressive Machinery Lab. My PhD advisor is Carl Disalvo. I seek rich understandings of sociotechnical spaces combining human-centered research with visual communication, design research, critical, and analytical tools.

My research explores the question: how can we enrich people's lived experiences, promoting rich collaboration, human creativity and wellbeing with and through technology? I approach research with an interdisciplinary mindset and oftentimes use frameworks from Science and Technology Studies and Human-Computer Interaction. My approach involves qualitative and mixed methods.


Qualitative Methods
Mixed Methods
Quantitative Methods
Design Research
Critical Theory



Observation -  Surveys - Interviews

Data analysis & visualization

Content Analysis

Physical computing

Motion tracking

Project Management




Python, Javascript, Processing

RP, Arduino, Digital Sensors

Adobe XD, Figma, Premiere Pro

STATA, RStudio, Tableau, Google Cloud


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