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I'm Sara, a PhD candidate in Digital Media at Georgia Tech exploring the digital secondhand fashion markets through a feminist economic lens. My work is focused on understanding the complexities of online reselling, especially in fashion, where I examine the impacts of platform governance, economic challenges, and cultural dynamics on resellers. My approach combines ethnographic studies, design principles, and creative methodologies to offer fresh perspectives on the online resale spaces.

In my dissertation, I delve into the digital transformation of discarded fashion, using a mix of methodologies from social sciences and humanities to uncover the layered realities of reselling cultures. I integrate feminist and decolonial theories to shed light on the labor and power dynamics within the online secondhand fashion industry. Drawing from personal experiences in Bogota's flea markets and US thrift stores, I aim to connect local practices with global trends, offering insights into consumption and discard behaviors in our digital age.

I have worked in projects with in the DEAR Lab at GaTech (previously Experimental Civics Lab) and the Expressive Machinery Lab. My PhD advisor is Carl Disalvo. I conduct interdisciplinary and mixed methods research using frameworks from Discard studies, critical AI studies, Feminist Economics, Science and Technology Studies and Human-Computer Interaction.



Qualitative Methods
Mixed Methods
Quantitative Methods
Design Research
Critical Theory



Observation -  Surveys - Interviews

Data analysis & visualization

Content Analysis

Physical computing

Motion tracking

Project Management




Python, Javascript, Processing

RP, Arduino, Digital Sensors

Adobe XD, Figma, Premiere Pro

STATA, RStudio, Tableau, Google Cloud


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