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Automating MarCom reporting tools for faster & effective campaigns

Project Management, CX/UX, Dataset & Dashboard design


* Specific information has been removed & abstracted to keep confidentiality.


During a summer internship at a leading life science company in the process of digitalization, I took on the role of a Marketing Funnel Management Intern. The primary objective was to evaluate and design multichannel reporting tools for the company's marketing funnel.

Scientist on Tablet


3 months

(Summer 2021)


Sara Milkes (Project Management, UXR/CX), Austin Griffith (Data Science)


  • Project Management: Guiding the project's progression, ensuring timely completion of milestones, and facilitating communication between stakeholders.

  • UX/CX Research: Undertaking usability evaluations, stakeholder interviews, and gathering requirements to understand user needs and challenges.

  • Dashboard Design: Addressing usability concerns in existing dashboards and proposing designs for future iterations.


  • Evaluate Existing Reporting Tools:  Identify and quantify the usability issues on existing MarCom reporting tools not fully addressing the needs of the stakeholders.

  • Design and Develop Automated reporting tool  Establish requirements, backend and design of centralized reporting tool that would provide insightful visual analytics to marketing stakeholders



  • Conducted a comprehensive analysis of the current dashboards through Heuristics and Task analysis

  • Identified areas for automation and usability enhancement.

Stakeholder Interviews:

  • Interviewed multiple stakeholders to understand their needs and challenges with Jobs to Be Done.

  • Gathered requirements by understanding technical possibilities and interviewing project managers and other relevant personnel.

Data Consolidation:

  • Consolidated datasets in datalake joins and performed data alignment.

Deep Dive into Data IDs:

  • Analyzed the creation process to understand potential improvements.

Evaluation of Third-Party Solutions:

  • Collaborated with the data science team to evaluate potential third-party solutions.

Designing Future Dashboards:

  • Addressed usability issues and proposed designs for future iterations.

Documentation & Socialization:

  • Created a report & delivered several presentations to stakeholders and C suite detailing our findings.


  • Delivered key findings and socialized with management to prioritize next steps

  • Recommended new ID management system and identified most urgent data quality issues

  • Delivered a dashboard design based on stakeholder needs

  • Established guidelines for the Digital org to align around customer personas and Customer Experience

Data on a Touch Pad


The internship provided a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced in terms of reporting and data management. Through a collaborative approach, we identified key areas for improvement and provided actionable recommendations. The experience highlighted the significance of UX and CX in marketing funnel management and paved the way for future enhancements in the company’s ongoing effort towards digitalizing its data infrastructures.

As I was wearing several hats, this internship was an opportunity to participate in multiple ways in the process of digitalization of a company, and understand some of the challenges involve. Some of these challenges were in the company culture, such as resisting change from siloed excel data handling. Others were technical in addition, for example having rich datasets with billions of rows of data but having difficulty driving insights due to data quality and dataset governance. It was a great pleasure to contribute to this companies improvement of their infrastructure.

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